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    Question Caswell Lakes Area

    I have a place in Eagle's Nest and we spent the weekend there. We talked to a couple that said they live off Deep Woods and had their cabin broken in to. Not only that but they talked to people that said 15 other cabins had also been vandalized. Anyone know anything?

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    I was up there sat and everything fine at our place. There is only about 2 cabins right on deep woods and one lives there full time. Were they off Montana circle?
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    People - Buy some game cameras and use them! Find them and fry them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtofak View Post
    People - Buy some game cameras and use them! Find them and fry them!
    The signs going in say they already have them in place. Will be interesting to learn whether or not the video's are effective or not. Anyone hear of what the extent of vandalism was?
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