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Thread: Just got off Little Sue........

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    Default Just got off Little Sue........

    Put -in at Huston RV park....4 in the afternoon Sat...took-out noon today (Monday)'s always a fun trip...I have done it 5 times, but the last time was 7 years ago...alot more power boat action on this trip than I remember previously...don't like taking those big wakes broadside...but thats the way it was beautiful..more sun than rain..paddled on the edge of a thunder storm with lighting...very nice...took a NFG friend that never paddled before or new how to pack...I figgered for a short trip I would let him bring whatever he wanted..he made all the mistakes new people do...brought food for 10 days on a 2 day trip and a ton of gear that was never or would ever be used..a good time was had by all

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    Default Just wondering...

    If that trip would be easier between king and silver seasons? Do you think their would be less power boats flying down the river in the middle of July?

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    Yes...the river drops as the weeks go by and the water get more usually don't see PBs on the first 30 miles of the the river from Huston down...Huston to Burma is 60 miles....


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