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Thread: Thingamabobber's look here

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    Default Thingamabobber's look here

    I just found this video on MOLDYCHUM.COM. I have never used a thingamabobber but I purchased a handful this spring to try them out this year.

    The video covers the use for nymphing but you could easily use egg and flesh with this set up.

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    I like what he's got going on there. i usually run a the loop that he showed at first. but it slides alot and kinda defeats the purpose. if you put a half twist in when you run your loop on a single leader section it sinks it down a little more and doesn't slide but i haven't figured out if that makes a little bit of a pinch point with the metal ring.

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    Default Too much work!

    I haven't had much trouble with my tbobbers sliding, but this guy's rig does seem effective. I'm just lazy I guess. I also wonder if this method will tangle worse. Having the fly come off at a right angle doesn't seem to continue the flow of the cast. Just seems like you'd be fighting it even worse than a more traditional set up. Might be worth a shot though.

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    Default bobbers are for spinning gear

    I've never tried a thingamabobber. You could always try a balloondicator - put a little air (teaspoon to tablespoon) in a water balloon and tie that around your line. Try looking up the provo bounce rig, there was an article in flyfisherman mag on it.

    I'll probably stick with troll doll hair.

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    I think the flexibility of being able to adjust where the TB is set is part of the bonus of using these (dam) things, and I do use em... Tie more knots? I'd rather fish than tie knots.


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    Default Better options

    Thingamabobbers push too much air, aren't heavy enough and provide too much resistance for much of what i prefer to do with indicators. I stick with a balsa slide through indicator from Thill, it casts better, mends better,

    I just peg em with a toothpick, muchly preferred over these little bubbles of nuisance.

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