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    I was wanting to start fishing Big Lake but am kinda lost on where to start and what techniques to use. The lake is just so big and deep that I dont really want to go out there blind. I have heard everything from jigging to trolling but i dont know. Any info anybody has about anything for this lake would be much appreciated. Thanks alot

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    If you have a boat, then basically the trick is to hit a lot of water. We used to get the best variety trolling very close to shore in 15 to 30 ft of water. As always the points and weed edges are the best. The closest spot that seem to produce for us are in the bay around the North Campground and the islands in that area.

    The simplest lure that seemed to produce everything is a 1/4 oz Krockadile spoon. A small rapala minnow type lure works well too. Maybe the most effective thing we use but is a little more of a hassle is trolling a willow leaf troll rig followed by a night crawler.

    The fishing seems lot a better in early spriing and late fall. But then again, I seem to be out salmon fishing June through August so we never hit it as often then. I can recall hitting some nice char on downriggers during the middle of the summer in 30 to 45 feet but it was never consistent and we seemed to catch the char shallow as well.


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