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Thread: Best interior ak trips with zodiac?

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    Default Best interior ak trips with zodiac?

    With little experience, what are the best trips to take a Zodiac MKII w/25hp Johnson prop in the interior of Alaska? Any recommend motoring up and floating down any rivers? We got beached several times and tore a prop on the Chena first time out - THAT WAS STUPID!

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    Default hey

    hey sounds like you got a badass lil boat. my buddy just bought a 14 ft mercury raft and i gave him my 25 horse outboard. we took it from the yukon bridge all the way down to tanana and it ran great. id say as long as you have enough water for your will handle anything!!!! good luck and let me know where you go....
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    Default North Lake Louise

    I took my Achillies thry Lake Loise thu Lake Susitnia into Lake Tyrone into Tyrone Creek hope spellings good. Good fishing, saw loads of animals, nice camping, exept for the browie (lol) Easy not to dangerious


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