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    I'll be heading out to Kotzebue for work next week and will have time in the evening... would it be worth bringing the rod? I've never been there and can't find much on-line. Any suggestions?

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    Casting along the shore will get you results. Mepps with a red or bright pink center peice for Decent Dolly Varden casting along the shore, or BIG ol' Spoon Dr.s all shiny for Sheefish.

    Have a license, the Troopers will check you, old people, infants and they love to take your rod.
    Being that theres about 20+ of them housed in that town, at least 19 are killing time in Kotz, while the other one deals with 11 villages, or so it seems to me..........
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    As much as I hate to admit it, no reason to take a fly rod to Kotzebue. Spent 6 months there in 2004. If you can hire a bush plane to take you out somewhere, that would change things entirely of course. Pike Lake is about 20 miles north of Kotz or so I recall. You can guess what you might catch in Pike Lake. Ha ha.. I flew up there for a weekend while working in Kotz. Pretty cheap place to get to as far as bush flights go. Good bank access near an inlet stream that seemed popular for camping. Popular means someone goes there every year perhaps for a weekend. This would make a fantastic overnight trip with an 8 wt and a case of beer. But if you are stuck in town, leave the rod home.

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    You MIGHT be able to catch a trout on shore ave, depending on how much ice is floating by. The trout usually start to run past Kotz this time a year although I usually catch them with a set net. Rod and reel doesn't produce reliable results but you can give it a try with smaller spoons, pixies or spinners.

    This time of year you can sometimes catch sheefish with a rod out by the second bridge on the back lagoon with medium spoons or large pixies.

    By next week we will probably be snagging herring on shore ave. A favorite local activity, but that might not interest you.


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