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    This is part fishing, fly fishing and rafting report for the Upper Chena. Bottom line is the water is super low. Floated between the 44 and 38 mile bridges. The USGS had the river flow at 526cfs when we left the house. The oars seem to hit bottom every stroke. That made it a little tricky trying to navigate some of the corners, but no problems. Bottomed out a couple of times. Only one time did I get out and drag the boat.
    Got on the water around 8:30am. Dad was throwing hardware and I had the fly rod. Both of us caught lots of fish, with dad catching the most. I was on the oars all day and really wanted dad to catch fish. It was our first time fishing together in 4 years.
    I caught fish on everything I threw, dries, wets and streamers. Didn't seem to matter. The fish were hungry. Same with dad. Most of his fish came on spinners.
    Lots of people floating in rafts and canoes. Two jet boat came by. I heard them coming up river and got out of the way. I'd like to see at least a portion of the upper river go non-motorized.

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    Default Good report!

    thanks for posting!!
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