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Thread: Yanert River float?

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    Default Yanert River float?

    I just drew a any bull moose tag for the Yanert River area. Its a non-motorized vehicle area so I am thinking about being flown in and then floating out to the Nenana. Any suggestions or help? Any suggestions on pilots? Thanks for the help.

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    It wouldn't be an epic adventure nor an overly productive one.

    Access is possible and marginal around Pyramid Mnt / Moose Creek. IMO, you'd achieve greater success by focusing your hunt efforts and accessing the lake system a mile or two off river toward the Nenana confluence. The moose in this region aren't abundant, so any lakes will attract cows and therefore bulls.

    The yanert is fast and cold, not really conducive to "moose hunting," but adapting your expectations might provide a better hunt, so to speak.

    Air Service recommendation:
    Atkins Guiding and Flying Service out of Cantwell

    Hope this helps, Jerm.



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