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    Summer/fall of '08 I would like to bring my son and three of my grandsons up for a caribou hunt. I have spent hours looking in the archives and nearly as many hours trying to make some sense out of the Dept. of Fish and Game harvest records. Seems like I'm just as far away from selecting a specific area as I was before I started this project. Parameters...son and self have done some atelope, deer, black bear, pig hunting....boys (14,12 10) all with hunter safety cards, and all familiar with firearms...we are all somewhat experienced and tuned into Alaska. Big trophy bulls are unimportant, willing to hike, not looking for the "easy way". Budget is a concern but willing to spend whatever it takes within reason. Have our own vehicle and in, float out, or drop off ...would prefer diy vs. guided. Point me in the right direction.....thanks!

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    I'd fly out somewhere, check with Papa Bear Air in bethel I've only heard good things about them.
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    Not to sound like I am pushing him but you might give Larry Bartlett a call or e mail @ pristine ventures he can really help plan a trip, good guy & lots of optioins to fit your needs ask around good reputation.
    good luck

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    Not pushing him at all...recommendations are what I'm looking for. I have purchased his "Float Hunting Alaska" book, which was excellent. I may well employ his services, but before I do, I would like to explore my options and at least have a basic understanding of the choices least have defined what type of trip I am expecting before I call him! Thanks for your help!

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    Taking into account you're all experiecned hunters, and you have school-aged kids coming on the trip (which is excellent) you should consider hunting in the Northern Region of Alaska, non-guided fly-in with a Super Cub on tundra tires............the Cub on tundra tires has the ability to put you right on the Caribou.
    The two primary reasons for hunting the Northern region is; 1) Fall times comes earlier up there because you're so far North, which means you could do the caribou hunt just BEFORE school starts, 2) The Caribou herds in the Northern Regions of Alaska (Central & Western Arctic Herds) have the highest overall numbers, excellent sucsess rates, the most liberal non-resident season.
    This hunt takes place North of the Brooks Range, you'll be North of the circle by 400 miles. South of the oil fields. The large, vast, herds of Caribou you see on the Discovery channel is the place you're going.
    A good freind, guide/outfitter/air-taxi transporter, who I Sheep hunt with offers Caribou hunts in this region, Kirk Ellis. Try to google "Ellis Big Game Guides" for contact info. The Ellis' live in a remote ares homesteaded years ago, and still depend on a generator for electricity and have a radio phone & satilite internet'll need to be presistent to get ahold of them. Nice people, who offer first class service from a family-based buisness.

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    I second byrons referral for the ellis's. real fine folk. Dont eat Kirks wifes cooking, you wont leave. real good pilot also, I hate flying but I wouldnt think twice of of not getting in his plane. One of the few guys I would fly with. He wont screw you, thats for sure.

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