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    Hey guys, I've got a question. Im gonna be on the Kenai in about two weeks and I'm car topping my 14' aluminum boatup there. I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can rent a small boat trailer to use while I'm up there (approximately 2 weeks ) so I don't have to reload and set up my boat every day, also for ease in launching?

    Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Car topping the boat

    I have the answer to your problem. I'm selling an electric boat lift. This is made by EIDE It will allow you to put your boat on top of pickup or van and even tow a camp trailer with no fuss and NO lifting. This unit will gently lift your boat then when you arrive at the water push the electric swith to down and it will lauch your boat with no physical effort on your part. I live in Soldotna and can be reached at 262-7837 or email me at
    good fishing to you.

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    You would be better off buying one of those cheep trailers from Sam club, it would be cheaper than renting one for two week.


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