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    Anyone have any strange things happen to them camping? Or just plain creepy? I always love a good story to tell while camping... Anyone care to share a story, fiction or non fiction?

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    Default Portage

    Camped at a little pull-off in portage one night and had some tenting folks come in late and set up. About 3 am, there was yelling, gun shots and one guy chasing another through the woods and around our camper. The third person (woman) was screaming and yelling. They seemed obviously intoxicated. They yelled for the one guy to come out of the woods for about 2 hours. Still to this day not sure that all that was about, but they were friends in the morning. Needless to say...they never knocked on our door for help, so we loaded the gun and waited for all to blow over.

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    Sleeping out near my cousins place in a tree fort we had built back in the woods. We had a moose and calves walk up and bed near by. About 3am we heard a commotion and woke up to them being chased off by what appeared to be a pack of wolves. Admittedly at 3am it could have been sled dogs that had gotten loose but we were in the range of the pack that runs between Sutton and back up into Hatcher pass so who knows. It was neat to be almost directly above them with her snorting and stomping while they circled around. She finally bolted w/ the calf and wolves in tow and eventually everything was quiet again. One thing that makes me pretty sure it was wolves was that they were quiet, no barking. I am not an authority on sled dogs but it seems they don't need much excuse to bark at pretty much everything.

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    I "grew up" dipnetting on the copper river. Never seen a bear/wolves etc. Years ago, my friend was moving back to Utah so we decided to go dipnetting before he was gone for good. We went out and set up our tents. We had always slept in campers over the years and it was my first time putting up a tent there. Very windy so you get covered in dust before long. My buddy brought a large knife with him "incase he has to cut himself out of the tent" and I had a pistol. He was worried about bears. I told him that there were too many people camped there and I had never seen wildlife except for seagulls for the past 3 decades. We woke up the next morning and got out dipnets and started walking to the fishing spot. We ran into a guy who was also heading to the river and he says "did you see the bear prints?" Sure enough, there were bear prints all over the place. Some near out tents too! First time ever in a tent there, first time ever seeing prints!

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    Default True stories

    I recently checked out this book from our library: "Danger Stalks the Land: Alaskan Tales of Death and Survival" by Larry Kaniut. These are all true adventure stories and many of them would be great for retelling around a campfire. Some are very scary, and the theme throughout all the stories is that Alaska is a wilderness, not to be taken lightly when it comes to safety.The book is hard to put down from the first to the last story!

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    Great stories so far.. any others want to share?


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