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Thread: Thanks to you all

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    Default Thanks to you all

    My period of research in Alaska is on the eve of ending. I have had a wonderful time and a very productive year here, and that's thanks to you guys and ladies.
    With barely an exception, the hunters I have met have been welcoming, talkative and open. Most significantly for me, I have been trusted personally and professionally. I have been warmly received in homes, workplaces and other venues across the State by hunters, guides and taxidermists, and so many have opened other doors for me also. Too many Forum members have become part of my study for me to thank everyone individually here. Please accept this as my way of saying a million thanks. Four, though, deserve special mention:

    Stranger, for inviting me to become part of some of those real world stories of yours;
    Ucohokie, for truly making me feel a full partner, as close to being a hunter as was possible;
    Tim, for a Haul Road introduction to remember, brrrrr!; and
    Vince, for going the extra mile on my behalf & laying down on the road on a freezin' March night for me!

    Thanks to everyone I've met along the way, it's been a life-enriching pleasure. I would be more than happy to make my final PhD thesis available in due course to any of you who wishes.


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    Well, for an Irishman, you not only speak English OK, but you seem to have a grasp at writing it as well.

    Glad I could get you submersed and free to roam around here, the investigative reporter in you will take you far

    Please do show up again,.............. with cheese

    Regards from the whole Crew.
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    Default God Speed

    I'm the better for having you along. Take care of yourself and keep in touch.

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    LOL paul any time was great to meet you.... and so ya know i would have crawled across the ice to examine anyones rear-end had they needed it

    glad we were able to get you up and running in time
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    meet on face book here

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    Hello, Paul.
    Rememeber me, I'm Koonook? Im Chips backdoor neighbor and computer bum, Ha ha ha.
    I really enjoyed you and your stories when you were staying with Chuck at Chips shop. I enjoyed shovling a couple graves with you, although we were working, your a tough old man!!

    May God bless you and your journey.

    Randy H.

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    Thumbs up

    Sorry we never met in person but may you be a day in Heaven before the devil knows your dead and that only after your great great grandson catches a fish with you


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