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Thread: Family from the lower 48 visiting

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    Default Family from the lower 48 visiting

    So my parents are coming up for a week long visit next week. My dad loves fishing. Does anyone have suggestions on where I can go in the interior to put him on some good fish? I live near Fairbanks, so anywhere within a 75 mile radius I can go to fish would be helpful. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Chena river has good grayling fishing. Those interior grayling will eat anything Just keep looking in the lil streams and lakes there will be hungry grayling
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    Default Pike!

    Straight across from the old gate of eielson are a bunch of lakes that are full of pike. You have to have a base fishing permit, but that's it. Every lake back there was full of pike just a few years ago. Use anything top water or anything that resembles a leach. Black jigs is what I had the best luck with. Hope this helps. Good fishing.


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    Default Take Dad fishing

    If you have a boat go to Paxon Lake. Ice will be just coming off and trolling the shoreline with spoons will make his day (week ). Have fun.

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    Default Success

    So I took my family across from the old gate to one of the lakes located on Eielson property, and it was a blast. Caught about eleven good size rainbows. Back home, my dad pays $20.00 for a one day pass to fish. He has not caught anything near what he caught tonight. Hope to have just as good luck tomorrow. Will let everyone know how it goes.


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