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Thread: Broadhead Review (Bloodrunner & G5 Stryker Magnum)

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    Default Broadhead Review (Bloodrunner & G5 Stryker Magnum)

    I know a lot of folks come on here asking about which broadhead to use. I finally went out and shot a few of the different broadheads I have. Now this is not a hunt review, I was adjusting my sight pins for my broadheads.

    Now I am shooting a Diamond Marquis with a 29" draw at 65lbs.

    NAP Bloodrunner (125 gr.): Flew flat and straight and POA=POI at 20 yds and farther. I really like this broadhead. Hopefully they will work great for the Black Bear I am going after this weekend.

    G5 Stryker Magnum (125gr.): I like the cutting dia. of this BH but at 20 yds it was not very accurate. It was hitting about 6 in low and to the right of my POA. I wouldn't use this BH out past 10 myabe 15 yds. On the other hand if I go down to 55-60 lbs the flight may change a bit.

    I will let you all know.
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    Diamond Marquis

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    would love to try out the bloodrunner with my new Maxxis, think it would be a killer combo.


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