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    i got a 2556 bayliner that i have redone and got it on the water this last week and got most of the bugs worked out of it now i am need to get a good gps for it. so i am looking at the garmin 3206 and i what i want to know is when they say sonar is that just to tell me the depth or is that i a fish finder? i am not looking for super fancy on one but dont want to go cheap eather what other good ones are there out there?

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    Yes, it will show fish if you purchase the "black box" that allows you to use the sonar. Nice little units. If you want a dedicated sonar I recommend the furuno units with a 1KW transducer.
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    I have two GPS on my boat, one is a Garmin and one is a Raymarine. The Garmin is much older and very basic, the Raymarine is the latest greatest. The Raymarine has a radar that can be overlayed with the GPS, bascally the radar is showing on the plotter map as pink flashes. You could literly drive the boat by just looking at the screen. The Raymarine antenna is at the highest point on a mast above everything, the Garmin antenna is mounted on the side of the roof, below a dinghy rack that is a foot off the roof.
    (A trick to regaining your sattelite connection if you ever lose it is to drive in a circle, you can lose connection in coves with high cliffs or on really cloudy days.)

    Now, my point to all this bable is to help you figure out which brand is best; Guess which one of my GPS loses it's sattelite the most?

    The Raymarine does not acquire sattelites as fast as the Garmin and loses them more frequently eventhough the antenna is basicly burried compared to the Raymarine's location.

    If I could go back and get a Garmin with all the stuff the Raymarine has I think I would, Garmin is a tough brand!

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    Thanks for the info so far the other one that i have been looking at is the northstar M84 i know little about northstar as a brand as i have always had handheld garmins


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