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Thread: Gulkana River Report-May 28

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    Exclamation Gulkana River Report-May 28

    Hi Guys:

    I just got back from my first float trip down the Gulkana tonight. It was a hot day and the kids wanted to play ,,,so we did.

    Water temp was warmer than I thought it would be and low! We put in at Sailors Pit and took out at the bridge. 2.5 hour of play time which translates into 4 hours of fishing time. The water was low but no problem working the raft. There is 2 nasty sweepers along the way with the worst about 1/4 of a mile up from the bridge. The river looks good, good clarity and plenty of good holes to fish, plenty deep as well.

    We have had only sparse rain in the past 2 weeks and if this continues expect to have very low rafting. I donít think many jet boats could work their way up river right now much past the first 2-3 bends and if the water level continues to drop rafting the lower section may be the only option.

    I talked to a group of guides who were training on the river floating from the Gulkana Bridge down to Copper Center via the Copper River. They are telling me no fish yet but they are seeing a few fish rolling in the mouth of the Klutina so it will not be long!

    I have had some fishing groups contact me about raft rental and put-in options so here we go. Sailorís Pit is the best option offering a good Ĺ day float down to the bridge but putting in at Poplar Grove is another good option adding an extra 2 hours to your float and lots of really good bends and eddies to fish. Putting in at Poplar Grove is a little harder because you have to hump your raft or canoe down a good trail to the river but the pay off is you will have a lot of river all to yourself as most folks will not be willing to do the work to earn the goods! .

    I will keep you posted but its time to buy your King tag!

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    Never fished the Gulkana, but planning on it this year. Do you fish the kings and reds using the flip cast method or is there some other techniques? Any info is appreciated.


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