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    Default Just got here.......

    Hey guys,

    I finnaly made it to North Pole and would like to try some fishing this weekend. Fishing is way different up here and I'm wondering what fish I can find this time of year? Where should I start looking and what kind of tackle? Anywhere I can drive to from the North Pole/Fairbanks area would be great. I like to fly fish and use conventional spin cast. Are the Salmon going yet? I would love to get into them.

    Thanks Much

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    sorry you wont find any salmon......... you should be able to hook up with alot of grayling using small spinner (Mepps 0 and 1) on your spin rod.

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    Default mwr

    Get hold of the fairbanks MWR. A lot of times they got some good charters to hop on for cheap.Grab some Joes and get CSM to give you a van and drive. GET JOE OUT OF THE BARRACKS

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    Default Equip yourself: information first...

    1. Fairbanks has a fly shop again - and local fly shops are IMO the best source for reliable, local information. Purchase isn't necessary. Try to go on a weekday when it's easy for them to take time to chat. They can show you some typical gear for your kind of fishing, how to rig it and where to go; advice that fits your needs/capability. Local support is what keeps our local fly shops going. Here's info on the fly shop: While there, look at their books for one that might help you.

    2. The best way to search Outdoors Supersite Alaska: a). click "Search", b). click "Advanced Search", c). type in your subject in the Google search of You'll get to know about some Fairbanks/North Pole regulars this way; some of whom will be happy to answer your questions via Private Messages, especially if you've done your homework.

    One thing I'd look into if I lived up there: MWR prob has some jet drive jon boats to rent, but you'll need an experienced partner for a few trips to learn the ropes of both running jets and peculiarities of the particular streams.

    Best of luck and have a great summer!


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