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Thread: Happy Memorial Day to all of our Troops and all of you.

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    Default Happy Memorial Day to all of our Troops and all of you.

    Memorial Day is upon us and the weather looks nice. If you travel, I hope you travel safe and maybe get some rounds downrange that give you such a good group that you feel free to come and post it.

    Memorial Day is so full of trite platitudes from the chattering classes and Im tired of listening to that. We do honour the dead, but we must also to honour the living.

    Right now our boys and girls are fighting for us. My goal this Memorial Day is to give something back so I am gonna find a soldier and buy him something, where a beer, a coke, or dinner.

    Maybe we should all do the same.

    Have fun on this holiday, especially from our vets (and current serving soldiers) we have here working for you. Lets thank them all.

    God bless our wonderful country and the folks who serve

    Wild West Guns

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    I'll second that!

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    RIP: PFC Fairburn and PV2 Casillas.

    They gave their lives defending COP Zerok on July 4th, 2009.


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