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    Anyone ever fish Moose Creek? I am really new to the area, but I think that is where i was today. there is a little pulloff about 3 miles north of buffalo mine rd. with a lot of campsites and trails and a big, fast moving stream/creek running right next to it. I looked at maps and figured it was Moose Creek.

    Anyway, if you know the spot, or if you can tell me the name of it, please elaborate on what fish are there, where they are, and what works for you. Thanks.

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    Check the regs, and if you see anybody fishing for kings there, call F&G.

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    Go a little ways past the bridge. Look for the trail leading to the mouth. Sometimes it can be good fishing. Always a few rainbows and dollies in their. Sometimes salmon.
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    Will do - thanks for the info!


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