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Thread: 50 w/ stainless prop

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    Default 50 w/ stainless prop

    I would like to hear from anyone that has used a stainless steel prop on there 50hp and if it improved the performance from a aluminum. Thanks

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    I run a 60 hp Mercury on an 18' Lund the Yukon and I would not consider anything but a stainless prop. I would guess you might ding something every other trip, of course I'm pike fishing or moose hunting in the boat. At least with my boat it also improved the performance. Of course the pitch of your prop has a lot to do with that. You can gain more power for your load or increase speed depending on how your using your boat.

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    I only use SS props on all my outboards, aluminum only if I have to. And yes, there is a noticeable improvement in any HP. 1-2" pitch higher with SS over aluminum for same rpm range at WOT and more speed and fuel economy.
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