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Thread: Olympus E-620 live view question

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    Default Olympus E-620 live view question

    I recently picked my wife up an Oly E620. Neither of us know anything about photography but with my affinity for wondering the woods and occasionally killing things and her desire to accompany me she figured it would be a good way to document our adventures. I am sure we will have plenty of questions but this one jumped out quick and I can't find an answer online. I have a theory but can't access the camera to play w/ it from 8K miles away so I thought I would bounce it off you guys.

    The cam has a great live view feature where the composition can be verified real time on the LCD like a point-n-shoot on steroids (yeah I know this is pretty common now). Well the issue is that when using the regular viewfinder she can bang pictures out in rapid fire which is great for capturing the kids running around the yard or playing sports. For some reason when using live view it takes entirely too long after taking a picture before it lets you snap another one. I am thinking that perhaps it has an image review feature that is causing this but without being able to see the problem I have no definitive idea.

    Anyone else using the E-620 Olympus and have any idea about what would cause this? Is it just the way it is and we just need to deal with it? I imagine it is just a setting but haven't been able to find it in the manual. She is ultimately fine just using the viewfinder but it is nice to have the live view option so you know exactly what you are getting when you push the trigger!


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    Here's what says about the E-620's live view mode:

    "...whichever (AF) mode you use will introduce the kinds of delays that you simply won't be used to encountering either on compact cameras or when using a DSLR through the viewfinder. Ultimately, these drawbacks (and there are drawbacks to all DSLR live view systems) restrict the usefulness of live view."

    More info here:


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