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Thread: high temps bears rubbed

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    Default high temps bears rubbed

    Just curious if anybody has seen any bears rubbed around Fairbanks or north of.With temps hitting 80 I wouldn't be surprised if bears are rubbing or will be soon.

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    Fairbanks most the time, Ancorage some of the time,& on the road Kicking Anti's all the time


    seen it hit 81 at the dentist office on third today... then a car sped by and it dropped suddenly to 77 then started climbing back up.... all i could figure was my ex was in the car that drove by.....

    should be a warm one this weekend if rugs are what your after then pay close attention to shoulders and rumps..
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    Default I have NEVER...

    seen more rubbed bears than I have this past week. I usually quit baiting by June 1. Over 75% of bears seen this week are rubbed BADLY and down to the skin. Will try to find one more bear for the kid to shoot and then will call it a year. Not going to shoot bears that can't be rugged.

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    Hunting Palmer and Willow- Buddy shot one Tuesday with really nice hide, and I passed one that was rubbed on the butt. Luckily, I'm hunting meat- hide is no issue, but I'm hoping to see something bigger=more meat.


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