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Thread: End of May Suggestions: Fish/Camp Kenai

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    Default End of May Suggestions: Fish/Camp Kenai

    Any suggestions for a person that wants to slowly fish/camp their way down from Anchorage to Homer for a May 31st Halibut charter? I figure I could get some good King fishing in if I left 5 days early. I'll be tent camping with the family and have never been south of Hope before.

    Is it dumb to go without any campground reservations made in advance?

    Thanks in advance

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    I'd camp at the Anchor River depending when memorial day is in relation to your but charter then the homer spit. The penninsula north of deep creek is really bad (and closed) that time of year
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    Default kasilof/kenai

    What akpowdermonkey? Is there something I don't know about? Is the Kenai and Kasilof rivers closed in May? Boy I sure hope not because my family and I have been fishing both rivers over Memorial weekend for years and I sure would hate to be doing something illegal......Sorry about the sarcasm but your info is wrong about the peninsula north of deep creek being closed. A couple of other options for your fishing/camping would be to stay at Crooked Creek campground and bank fish for kings on the Kasilof, or the snagging hole on the Homer Spit. I'm not sure if the snagging hole is good at that time, maybe someone else know more about it. Good luck!

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    Default I think

    I think he means just Deep Creek. Closed for Jan 1 - May 26th.

    But it would be open when the poster wanted to go, May 31st.

    Upstream of the ADFG markers is closed all year on Deep Creek.
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    Oops, my bad. Sorry akpowdermonkey if I jumped on you....


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