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Thread: 9.3X74 loads.

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    Default 9.3X74 loads.

    Anyone have data on 9.3X74 with 250 gr X bullets or 285 gr RN? Just thought research might bring up more loads from the experience of the board. Thanks in advance. Rusty Zipper

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    Default 9.3x74 loads


    I have a few loads for this one.

    In Norma brass, Fed215 primers. In 23.6" barrel.

    With 232 grain Vulcan bullet;
    65.0 grains of Norma 203B powder 2600 fps.

    With Speer 270 grain bullet;
    62.0 grains RL-15 for 2505 fps

    With 285 grain Lapua Mega bullet;
    60.0 grains RL-15 for 2360 fps, regulated in 23.6" barrel of Chapuis double.

    With 286 grain Woodleigh RNSN bullet;
    61.0 grains Rl-15 for 2366 fps.
    57.0 grains 4064 for 2353 fps.
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    Default Hornady . . . .

    is introducing 9.3x74 factory ammo for 2007. Here's the link:


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