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    I was thinking about how I could better use some of my gear that would allow me to leave other gear at home or have a back up in an emergency if something happens to my primary equipment.
    I have read where guys cross the loops of trekking poles and use as shooting sticks, or a pack raft as a sleeping pad, or sleeping pad as a glassing seat cushion, or game bags as stuff sacks until you fill with meat. Things like that.
    What do you use and how do you use it?

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    I've used my z-rest (sleeping pad) as both a camp seat and also as a backrest in my kayak. I've used a stuff sack for a pillow, also a pair of pants with a couple shirts stuffed into the leg. I use my hat to wrap up my water bottle filled with boiling water at night which I place in between my knees (the hat insulates the bottle so I don't burn my legs) and keeps my bag toasty warm all night on a cold evening. I use a plastic bowl both to eat food and to drink with, no need for a cup. A bandana can act as a head cover, bandage, washrag and more. I've used duct tape to cover an area on my foot or heel that is about to blister, to bind up a sprain, and to make a cast in conjunction with a Sam-E splint. Walking poles can make for tent support or stakes. I've started a fire with hand sanitizer.

    I tend to make a game of thinking of more uses for an item than what it's actually made for. They taught us that in UAA's winter survival program and it stuck. They handed us one item and made us think of 10 things you could do with it.
    "If snowmachiners would adopt the habits of riding one at a time and not parking at the base of avalanche prone slopes, the number of fatalities would likely be whittled by at least a third, if not by half." ~ Jill Fredston, in the book Snowstruck, In The Grip Of Avalanches.


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