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Thread: How much longer will I get good sausage in unit 7?

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    Default How much longer will I get good sausage in unit 7?

    I had two decent sized bears in my stand a week and a half ago, but they haven't been back. Starting to get discouraged. I'm new to black bear hunting and was wondering how much longer I can count on good sausage? How much longer should I hunt that stand if my only goal is to put food in the freezer?

    Any help here will be appreciated.

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    You will get good sausage all season, the bears won't move on to fish if its nearby until the first or second week of July . I hunt 7 for 20 years the bears heve always been good. I would hunt until you get the bear you want. Rescent they will come back unless your food is moldy then get rid of it and replace it.


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