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Thread: I seek testimonials for/against Lee Safety Prime

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    Default I seek testimonials for/against Lee Safety Prime

    Does anyone have any first-hand experience with the Lee Safety Prime system they use on the current model of the Classic Turret press? How positive is the feeding?

    I loaded on RCBS Jr and Rock Chucker pressses (with the primer feed tube you had to load up by hand and then manually operate on the press). Then I got a pair of Lee Pro 1000 progressives (which, in my ignorance of anything fancier than single-stage presses thought was the same as the Lee Turret). But I have always had trouble with the automatic primer feeding on those, especially gravity-feeding the last few primers. I have to constantly check the primer feed and that slows down my production tremendously.

    A couple of weeks ago, I viewed a video of the Lee Classic Turret with Auto-Index and the "Lee Safety Prime" and saw that I could probably match my production speed (Turret vs Progressive) and do it more safely, too. But, I have never been able to see a close-up of the primer feed system to determine if it will be as sure-footed as I would require.

    Does anyone have any testimony they would like to share?

    Second question: Do other manufacturers than Lee make an auto-advancing turret press like the Lee Classic Turret? I am considering trading in one or both my progressives for a turret setup, if it would be as reliable as my single stage.

    Lost Sheep

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    Default pro 1000

    Buddy gave me a pro 1000 for the 45 but haven't set it up yet.
    Said its tricky to get right but does OK once its there.
    He uses nothing but Dillon for the progressives. The only way to crank them out. All the best bells and whistles.
    Plenty worth the extra $$.

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    I'm not familiar with the Lee system.

    I do have a Dillon 550B that works great in progressive mode. I load about 1500 rounds of 40S&W per month with ease and reliability. It can be used as a single or progressive stage for rifle cartridges as well.

    Currently I load for 19 different calibers simply by changing the shell plate, head and powder funnel. The dies can be left adjusted in the removable heads and a new set slides in for the next job. Set up is very quick and easy.

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    Default I have

    I have the Lee Classic with the Saftey Prime and it works as intended. It is simple to use and puts the primer right onto the seting tool. You have to keep in mind that I am new to reloading and this is the first thing that I have used.


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    Default Lee Safety prime

    I use the Lee Saftey prime and it works as advertised. I haven't had any issues with the saftey prime at all. I also use this press to reload rifle loads but I remove the auto index and primarily operate it as a single stage press. When doing this I do all of the rifle priming by the Lee hand primer, it just made more sense to me to do it this way. Anyway, hope this helps.


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