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Thread: Cushman trackster

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    I have a Trackster with the honda conversion motor (24hp). Seems a mite underpowered. I was told the Hondas don't spin at a high enough RPM to provide enough power to the hydrostats. I used to have one with the original OMC engine & it would climb like no ones business. I also heard that you can replace the ring & pinion in the tranny & it will fix this problem. Anyone out there have any good, solid information on how to fix this? Thanks

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    I don't have your information but I used to own a couple of them back in the late 70s until the mid 80s. I sure did pull a lot of game out of the boonies with those babies. They were loud with the air intake mostly but what a little work horse they were. My only real problem was broken aluminum wheels. I was very careful about spinning turns in rocks so as to not scoop up rocks to break the bogies.


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