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Thread: Denali Highway Camping

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    Question Denali Highway Camping

    Hello all,

    Quick question, looking for suggestions... Was wondering if anybody has done any tent camping out on the Denali Highway before? I know there are a few BLM campgrounds out there but we were looking more at just finding a nice creek side or pull off somewhere and setting up a tent for the family for a night. My question(s) is does anybody have any good locations that they have done this before and is it legal to set up camp out there not in a "approved" BLM campsite? I know that most of the land on the beginning of the Cantwell side is private. Also that we would have to adhere to burn bans if they are in effect. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks in Advance!!

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    There are some 4x4 roads that lead down to the brushkana, a few miles upstream from the blm campground. you should be able to camp there.

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    I've camped up and down the Denali Hiway. Lots of places available to just pull off and set up your tent. If you don't get off the road a ways though, expect to get dusted by any traffic going by.
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    Default mile 13

    I spent MANY MANY nights in the pull off at mile 13 during hunting season. Granted it is only 7 miles from Tangle Lakes, but it sits at the top of the hills before dropping down into the Tangle area. It is beautiful any tmie of the year. Make sure you take your spotting scope and glass for wildlife. You will see some. Best part, is the road is paved at this point so no dusting.

    Coming from Fairbanks, myself, we use it as an overnight spot when going to Valdez or even as a base camp for Tangles in the summer to stay away from the crowd.



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