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Thread: Nenana shuttles

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    Default Nenana shuttles

    We are heading up to float the Nenena from the Denali Hwy down to the park this weekend. I was wondering if anyone will be up there and interested in setting up something for shuttles?

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    i did a denali hwy to healy float tuesday-wednesday, it was a blast. perfect weather, except for the intense lightning/rain/hailstorm we had tuesday night. water rose quickly overnight and the rapids were pumping. iceworm almost flipped us. check in with denali outdoor center for shuttles, buckwheat is helpful.
    i have a challenge for you. i left a pair of chaco sandals at our campsite on the river. if you can find them ill send you $50. plus ill clue you in to a great campsite. approximately 1.5 miles upstream from the mckinley village bridge there is a 'squiggle' in the river. looking at the delorme gazetteer p. 104, just to the west of the denali landing strip icon. there is a set of rapids in that stretch that hits a rock outcrop on river left, immediately above the outcrop is a small eddie, perfect landing/parking spot. we liked this spot, nice mossy beds in the woods, lots of firewood, a cliff to hang our food off of, and the sound of rapids to sing us to sleep. it was also a good spot to break the trip into a longish first day, then a shorter (but more adreneline filled) second day.
    anyhow, have a great trip, and like i said, find sandals, 50 bucks. thanks, steve
    ps i have pics of the site but i cant figure out how to upload them, ill work on it.

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    I need new sandals.

    With that said, I've always had good luck hitching rides up there.


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