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Thread: What's the deal with Remington stainless barrels...

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    Default What's the deal with Remington stainless barrels...

    So what's the deal with Remington stainless barrels having trouble chambering and ejecting factory ammo.

    I've witnessed this situation a few times over the last 15 years. My boss in Luziana bought a brand new Remington 700 chambered in 7mm Mag and after shooting 1 or 2 rounds through it, the next round would jam in the chamber. He sent it back to Remington, and they supposedly reamed the chamber and sent it back. But it continued to do it after he got it back.

    He sent the gun back again and eventually brought it to a gunsmith who apparently polished the chamber or so he's says... but it would still hold a spent case after the second or third shot, and he would have to wait for the rifle to cool to get the spent case out.

    I've seen this same thing happen to 2 other frined's rifles. A 300 WM, and 338 RUM...

    This week another friend of mine had the exact same thing happen to his rifle after the first shot. The second round jammed in the rifle and you can't hardly budge the bolt handle.

    What's up with Remington's stainless barrels? Too tight tolerances? My blued BDL's have never done anything like this....

    - Clint

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    Alaskacajun, I had a similar cartridge loading/extraction problem with my Remington 700 SS 338 remington mag. Wrote about it here on this shooting forum, here is the link. I still need to send it out to get it fixed.


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