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Thread: Precip Rain Gear for Sheep hunting?

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    Default Precip Rain Gear for Sheep hunting?

    Gents - considering using the Precip Raingear for Aug sheep hunt. Have used the HH Impertech in the past but am considering changing to save on weight. Would appreciate input/experiences with this stuff from guys that have used it. Durable? Waterproof like HH? Any input is appreciated!

    Really looking forward to this hunt as I was deployed most of last year and did not have the opp to get in the mtns...thanks!
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    Nothing wrong with Precip at all. Nothing sheds water like HH but Precip has never let me down. You will likely replace it due to wear before you would the HH but it's far less bulky, clammy and much lighter.

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    I've been using TNF Venture stuff for a few years. TNF's "precip". When I was getting ready to buy it was a toss up between the two, but what sold me on the TNF is that it is white on the inside. Wear it inside out for whites. I think the older precip was white but the newer stuff is gray. I've busted brush and butt slid over quite a few rocks, etc. Worn it in downpours on my atv driving through alder choked trails and it works and is pretty darn durable. I've used some seam grip on a couple small tears in the butt. Nuthin major. Anyway, just another option.

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    Smile Precip

    Precips are great for mountain backpack hunts. There are other manufacturers that make similar rain gear or "storm shells" if you want to call them that, that I think are a little better quality. Nevertheless, that type of shell is much less bulky and lighter than HH Impertech or equivalent. It also dries quickly. The liner in the Impertech can be a pain to dry at times. The key to keeping coated nylon shells resistant to water is to keep up on the DWR coating. I prefer Revivex spray. The durability of this kind of shell is pretty good and seems to be better as the price goes up. For the money, the Precips are hard to beat.
    I have used them on more than one sheep hunt and I have been happy with them. They have kept me dry and blocked some wind for me. I have since upgraded to a little more expensive shell but I firmly believe the coated nylon shells are the only way to go on a multiple day mountain backpack hunt.


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