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Thread: Memorial Day Weekend

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    Default Memorial Day Weekend

    Like everyone else in Alaska looking for a place to get away from the Anchorage Area for a few days to do some camping and ride the four-wheelers (aside from Jims Creek area).....does anyone have any suggestions will be going out with adults mostly but have little ones running around the camping area riding small quads in the local area....any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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    Default Petersville is family friendly

    But I havn't heard how the conditions are up there, anyone else know?
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    Default Petersville

    I see somone has posted on the conditions
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    Petersville Road? Left at the store in Sutton?

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    Default Petersville rd

    A few miles past the Talketna turn to Trappers Creek, take a left on the Petersville Rd. There are large camping areas on the road and then when snow conditions allow you can travel the road for 20 plus miles and take side trails if you like, incrediblw views all around.
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    Awesome thanks so much! We haven't been that far north yet, do you have a good resource that I could find out the weather/trail conditions in the local area?

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    Default google the forks road house

    Also keep checking on here, I see someone was able to go back 24 miles this last weekend, if the weather keeps like this it should be open quite a bit further by next wekend.
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    We just went up to Alpine Creek Lodge last weekend. While we don't ride ATVs, some other folks were and seemed to be having a good time. We did hike some ATV trails. They seemed muddy but passable.

    Alpine Creek Lodge was great to visit with very reasonable rates.


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