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Thread: Anyone had experiance with 383 Chevy in there Jet Boat?

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    Question Anyone had experiance with 383 Chevy in there Jet Boat?

    Upgrading My 24' Almar from a 3 Stage HJ to a 212 HJ. My existing motor is a Redline 380 hp 460 Ford. The 383's are FI and reported to have the same torque, provide better fuel economy and 200 lbs less weight. My Ford only has 250 hr's on it but it's 10 years old and lives most of it's life in saltwater. Maybe better to do a total replacement now then do another in a few years.


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    Talk with Ben at the boat show or give him a call at Silver Streak he would be the one to know how it will work. Is the 383 out of a truck?

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    From what I can find out, it is a 5.7 Chevy (350) stroked to 383 which give the small block a lot of torque and able to spin a 3.4 pitch impellor (same pitch as a 454 or 460) and is easier on fuel (6-9 gph) vs 16-20 on my 460 with a 3 stage. it is 200lbs lighter - a good thing. I'll be at the boat show in Feb and look up Ben.
    Thanks for the info.



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