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Thread: The one that got away came back!

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    Default The one that got away came back!

    Ever have one of those guns that you reluctantly let go of and regretted it ever since?

    A couple years ago I sacrificed many of my guns to help resolve a family emergency with a grandson. I kept the keepsake guns that were passed on to me and a few of my favorite rifles. The one gun that I sold that has haunted me is a Ruger new model Black Hawk in 41 mag that was like new and was one of the first new models to come out. I put a Wolf spring kit in it and took it hunting. I killed two deer with it the first day, one at 30 yards and one at about 80 yards. Both one and done. I could shoot that gun as well as any handgun I've ever owned......and I sold it!!!!!

    Today by chance I found out where that gun went, so I got the guys number and just now gave him a call. He said he would be willing to sell it back to me and I could have all of the brass and dies and bullets and stuff too for $400. He said he never even fired it and guessed he didn't need it! In an hour it will be mine again!

    Sorry mother but I got some dry firing to do in my lazy boy tonight!
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    Sweet! I remember you mentioning that earlier...

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    VERY COOL! And the 41mag is a GREAT round!!!

    That's what I'm talking about a gun having good Karma...the dang thing even came back to you...because of the good things YOU did!
    That's the way things SHOULD be! (made my morning, EKC!)



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