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Thread: life jackets. a gentle reminder

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    Default life jackets. a gentle reminder

    Went out and set the baits on the Yukon river this weekend. and took a borrowed Zodiac raft and motor... ( thanks Berry) and i took a quick dip in the river...

    my buddy and I were searching bait locations and pulled into the mouth of a creek to check it out... good deep water there for landing unlike the rest of the river that is still god awful low... talking 15-20 foot low still..

    anyway he hops out to tie the line and as i climbed out he changed his mind on the log and gave the line a yank sideways and i was on my back in the water... with one hand dug into the bank... got a little wet ... ( up to my armpits) but was a good reminder as to why we had on our float coats....

    that evening we got another reminder at 20mph as the raft stuck on a submerged sandbar and came screeching to a halt... sit down, hold on, and wear a life jacket... though we didn't get wet that time we sure could have.... float coats do not do any good if you can't reach it
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    Default good idea

    sounds like a gentle reminder of how something can turn serious in a heartbeat. Always a good idea to remind each other of safety first.

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    I think a good dope slap reminder is OK with regard to life jackets. I used to believe I could overcome a dip into cold water. I then did the Polar Bear Jump in Seward one year. The reaction of going under the surface with the water temp in the 30s was an eye opener. Sudden shock with my lungs wanting to expell the air was surprising to my macho ego. I can only imagine what would happen if I was dumped unexpectantly into a cold river. I now wear a vest when I'm around cut banks, docks, planes(around/over water) and boats. My 2 cents

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    Default The difference a life jacket can make...

    if you have one on when entering the water? I was surprised by data presented by Gordon Giesbrecht, in which a life jacket gives you perhaps an hour of function while no life jacket - only minutes. Many of us spend a lot of time on/near the water - in wide ranging circumstances. Good topic worth informing ourselves about. Thanks, Vince.

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    Default Morbid but true

    If nothing else, a life preserver gives your family a body to bury if worse comes to worse. It allows them closure. Not knowing, and always searching, can be more devastating than knowing the final outcome for them.
    Think about it another way. Most of us gamble in one way or the other. If you gamble to win, why would you ever get on the water without wearing a PFD? Having a fighting chance is always better than no chance.
    It is a constant source of amazement to me the number of people on the Chena and Tanana Rivers that do not wear PFDs. The Chena can be very congested, and the Tanana, due to extreme cold and silt is dangerous. I don't get ignoring those risks.


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