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Thread: Thoughts on new Browning A-Bolt in .325 WSM

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    Question Thoughts on new Browning A-Bolt in .325 WSM

    Looking for opinions on Browning A-Bolt in .325 WSM.

    Likes... Dislikes with the rifle? (safety, trigger, accuracy, reliability, ruggedness, etc.)

    Good things about Cartridge and loadings vs. not so satisfactory?

    Has anyone cut the bbl. down to say 20-22"?

    Thinking about it as a handy mountain rifle. What would be a good price say in stainless/synthetic?

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    Default I like mine

    I have a SS A Bolt in 300WM - it has the BOSS on it.
    Only a couple faults to complain about, the BOSS is very loud and laying prone will throw gravel or dirt back at ya.
    The overall funtion and feel of the gun is very good, one of most accurate big bores I have ever owned. 1/2" groups at 100 yds are possible if I do my part.
    One negative is you can accidently trip the magazine release and dump your rounds out. Not a consistantly nagging problem but I would want to carry a few xtra's just in case.
    300wm rounds feed well and action is smooth.
    I think I would look at the new X Bolts over the A Bolt because of some upgraded features....
    I can't comment on the 325 but would think it may not have much advantage vs a 338 and resale may suffer vs a 338...

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    I have an A-bolt in 325, bought new in 2007. My rifle eliminates the worry that smokey has about dumping rounds because it uses a box magazine that clips to the floorplate.

    60* bolt throw means that there is tons of clearance between the scope and bolt handle when jacking a round into the chamber

    Tang safety, This is personal preference but my mossberg shotgun and Ruger M77 (not MKII) have it in the same place so it is very instinctive for me. My tikka and savage 17 hmr are different but very close as well.

    The action is very good with a solid mechanical feel to it and the adjustable trigger is clean though I am sure could be made better.

    The bolt release is large and easy to operate

    Box magazine

    The rifle is more accurate than I am but does not like to get hot. If I am patient it will stack rounds pretty darn good. If I get in a hurry the 4th round from will be about 4" high and left. I went through a box of ammo the first time out w/ it chasing hot barreled flyers trying to sight in. Now I just carry a handgun or my AR along on range trips and spend a few minutes plinking between rounds from the 325. I am sure there are some rifles out there that won't be as afflicted by this but I imagine most thin barreled rifles would suffer from the same issue (though my 270WSM Tikka doesn't seem to).


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