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    Have the salmon started into the lagoon yet ?? I wish they could stop the snaggin this year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert2968 View Post
    Have the salmon started into the lagoon yet ?? I wish they could stop the snaggin this year
    I personally don't hit the lagoon and snag, but those fish are not going to spawn and are just gonna circle till they die. Might as well let someone eat them and let a kid snag one and have a little fun. Once they have been there for a while, they aren't gonna strike anything anyways. They are only released there to draw the public in for local bussiness in the first place. JMO

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    There are people down there fishing now, but I don't know if anyone's catching anything. I saw people at the fish cleaning station right next to the lagoon working on fish this afternoon, but they might have just been people cutting up what they brought in on their boats. If you really want to know what's going on give the Sport Shed a call. They always know.

    They only open the lagoon up to snagging when they think it's gotten to the point where the fish are pretty much done entering and they need to let people just "clean them out" so to speak. As chico said they don't have anywhere to go. It's totally a terminal fishery and if people don't catch 'em they'll just die in there and someone would have to go in and "snag" them with nets to clean them out.
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    Fished the lagoon on Saturday, saw 4 kings caught and one lost during the outgoing tide. Nothing big, 15-18 pounds, mostly on herring and one on eggs.


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