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    Default Beginner kayaker

    Where is a safe place for a total beginner to try out kayaking in Alaska?

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    Default Portage Creek

    About as safe as it gets, has ripples, and is road to road. Alittle harrder than that is the upper Kenai, then Matanuska from Chickaloon, then Eagle River, then lower Willow from the Redgate. If you can master these streams you will be on your way to having the ability to see alot of Alaska.

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    What kind of Kayaking?

    Flat water lakes/ponds around Anchorage are a great place to start out. Good thing to go with a little assistance/instruction to get pointed in the right direction from the get go.

    Headed out on the ocean sea-kayaking... I recommend a 'guided' 1/2 day trip in a rental boat. This way you get helpful introduction, instruction, and all the gear ya may need.

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    That's an interesting question. Of course, there is one big difference between motorcycles and kayaks: With a motorcycle, you can trade up to a bigger, better, more powerful engine. With a kayak, the "engine" stays the same; you provide the paddle-power, and that will be a determining factor of the boat's eventual performance.

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