We had the final Alaska rodbuilders gathering (last one till the fall) yesterday and it was a great day. There were 4 in attndance and we spent most of the day teaching two ladies how to build rods. One of them was my girlfriend, and the second was the wife of a couple I have known for years. The only way the day could have been better is if it was cloudy, and raining. I would go out side for a break and didn't want to go back in. I think the ladies are proficient enough to finish wrapping the guides on their own. Overall it was a great day.
I do want to take the time to thank Herman Knott. He has been a huge contributor to my efforts on getting a rodbuilding group put together. He spent the entire afternoon providing one on one instruction to Debbie. He has also been to every gathering and is always willing to help out where he can. I can't thank him enough. Herman we will have to sit down with a few beers this summer and try to decide how we are going to make this club better next year.
Until the first gathering of the Fall I wish everyone tight lines and safe travels this summer.