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Thread: When in New York City next......

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    Default When in New York City next......

    And, when you have $35,000+ for a new 375 H&H.....

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    Wink Cheap Stuff

    SORRY, old chap but you'll have to buy the cheap stuff if you want it for a mere $35,000 USD. The good stuff costs 2 to 3 times that. And ammo is expensive.

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    Talking "Royal Deluxe " .470 NE Double Rifle

    Why not get a double rifle? heck why not a 600 Nitro express.
    If you're goin to blow that kind of money then get something really outrageous...

    Personally I can't see spending that kind of money unless one can either:
    1. Live in it
    2. Start the motor up and go in it
    3. have sex with it
    God, Guns and Guts is what made America Great

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    Thumbs up Yea, But

    H&H offers a .700 in its double rifle, lets go big. If you shoot one of these your mind better not be on eating or sex.


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