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    Default Wildflower hikes

    What are the best day hikes for enjoying Alaskan wildflowers in late June/July. (Flying into Anchorage and driving to Fairbanks.) Will have rental car, so can't go off the main highways too much.) Thanks!

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    Honestly, at that time of year, you'll probably be impressed just about anywhere you go... Close to Anchorage, Hatcher Pass (aka Independance Mine State Historical Park) is fantastic. I remember thinking the Lost Lake Trail down by Seward would have some exceptional wildflowers in season. The whole Homer / southwestern Kenai Peninsula seems exceptionally flowery, even below treeline. Up here in the eastern interior, large tracts of land burned in 2004, and now whole mountains turn purple with fireweed in the burned areas. Mt. Fairplay, north of Tok is a good hike in that area. Otherwise, the scenery isn't as jaw dropping as near the coast, but the rolling, gentle mountains emphasize the huge scale of wilderness up here. Unfortunately, it's looking like we're heading into another nasty fire season this year.

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    On your way out of Anchorage up to Fairbanks, there is a phenominal field of wild iris just past Eklutna. When you pass Eklutna, the next exit is the Old Glenn Hiway, get off that exit, then loop back around heading back to Anchorage. I'm not sure about distance, but at around a mile after getting back on the highway, pull off and just start walking out in the field.

    You'll have to get back off the highway at Eklutna to get turned back around.


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