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Thread: great first check of baits

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    Default great first check of baits

    I set my baits last week and we checked them today in unit 7 first bait all gone second bait all gone third bait all gone

    but I saw a blackie on the hill I didnt shoot him because we were getting my friend situated , came back with more bait and got ready to sit stands as we went to another friends bait to get his son in tree we jumped another blackie.

    I went and sat my site and had a small 4'5 ft come in and eat for 45 minutes then my friends son shot so i went over to check it out he missed so we decided to leave checked with my other friend and when the other shot they had a bear coming in that left . so it was really a great day. We do have one brownie working it also.
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    Sounds like the start of a great bear hunting season.

    Good luck.

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    Default That Brownie

    This is a big bear!! he broke the chain and carried one of the barrels away, we looked in about a 100 yd radius, could not find it.
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