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    Default Ruger Super Blackhawk

    I haven't kept up with pistols for a while. So I don't know any thing about the new rounds that are bigger than the 44mag. I was looking at the Super Blackhawk in the Alaskan model I like the way it feals, I think I'm going to buy this week if I can get a little help with the chambering.

    Does any one have experince with all three chamberings 44, 454, 480. Ie recoil and balistics?

    Dr B

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    Default 44

    The 44 can not even compare to the 480 let alone the 454. It is a kitten in every aspect.

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    Default Redhawk

    Not to be picky, but the Alaskan is a Super Redhawk frame, not the Blackhawk. The Blackhawk is single action vs double action for the Redhawk. I've shot the Alaskan in .454 with 335gr Cor-Bon ammunition. I was actually surprised that it didn't recoil worse than it did. While it is certainly not a fast-fire handgun, it isn't brutal. I didn't chronograph it but you are certain to have severely reduced velocities with all three calibers because of the 2.5" bbl. If you want more velocity, but still want to be able to practice fairly cheaply, get the .454 since you can shoot .45 Colt ammo through it. Good luck finding one!

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    Cool 454 ...

    after MUCH debate ... i chose the 454 ... just more versatile ...

    had the 480 been capable of 475 LB and 480 R, maybe I would have chosen differently ... but probably not ...

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    The reason the Alaskan isn't so hard on you is the super short barrel. Since the barrel is so short, a round that would normally run about 1500FPS would come out about 1200 FPS. The energy to get that extra 300 FPS is not put on you, the shooter, cause it isn't there. Unfortunately, this reduces the effectiveness of the cartridge. A hot loaded 454 Casull comes out slower than my hot loaded 45 Colt in my 5.5" using the same weight bullet (assuming bullet weight above about 280 grains).


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