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Thread: Topwater Pike Video

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    Default Topwater Pike Video

    I have finally got my top water pike video done that I have been working on.
    The video was shot several years ago in mid August on the Whitefish River that feeds into the Smith Arm of Great Bear Lake in the North West Territories.
    No giant pike unfortunately as they move out into the main lake in late July.
    Plenty of high flying action though on my custom made Cigar Tube topwater baits.
    So sit back and enjoy five minutes of fun!!!!

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    Thumbs up Looks like fun!

    Good job! Dave. The music was just right. You sure got it ruff up there

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    Awesome job!

    Top-water pike fishing is ranked right at the top of my personal favorite fishing trips/techniques. I love it.

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    Default PIke

    It's tough to beat a good pike fishing trip ... I take a lot of people fishing from th lower 48 and the pike trip on the Yukon is always the favorite. I've had some good trips in the Yukon Territory.

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    Cool video,I caught hundreds of them when I lived in Ireland,fishing with surface poppers is serious fun,just about crapped myself a couple of times! Im going salmon fishing in the Chatanika in July,might take some poppers!?


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