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    Default PFD recommendations

    I'm looking for some advice on a pfd. I'd like it to work for both canoeing and kayaking. I don't need much storage, but I would like low profile. I've seen some kokatat and some wilderness systems that looked like they would fit the bill, and they fit well.

    Recommendations? Any brands to avoid? Any brands to seek out?

    I've crosslisted in the kayaking forum.

    Thanks in advance.
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    If you're out to buy only one, fit it for sitting in your kayak seat. You want to be sure that the back of the pfd won't interfere with your seat back, whether you're sitting in the boat or trying to come back in after capsizing. Here's a short article with tips:PFDs -- They Float, You Don't.

    This often means that the pfd has a short back, or slim back, or short and slim back. To compensate for the material reduction and thereby obtain the necessary floatation, the front usually has to get bulkier. Canoeing-only pfds are usually slimmer and longer. You can use a kayaking pfd for canoeing just fine.

    Another alternative is an inflatable pfd, which has the slimmest of profiles typically. Lots of law enforcement types and others who must wear pfds on the job prefer them. They come in manual and automatic/manual inflating versions. Maintenance of the inflation device is essential. Personally, I'd rather have a rigid one on and not be worrying about it when I'm treading cold water and thinking about my next move.

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    Best bet here on obtaining the proper info is to go into some greater detail regarding the waters or type of kayaking and canoeing you'll be doing. Address aspects like boat-types, your build/weight, climate air/water temps, seasons, creeks, rivers, lakes, seas, clothing you'll be generally wearing. All these kinds of things really make an inquiry on PFD use much easier to answer vs. sorta throwin' it all out there. Take a bit of time listing more specifics and I think others will chime in --- you'll find far more suitable results.


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