There is a couple that work at UAA, building you can see from the dog park. They were on a TV show about bear attacks or something a few months back, discovery channel I believe. Anyways I met them at the dog park last year. They were then looking for brown bear samples. They were doing DNA samples on all hair trying to find out how many different genes are on the Kenai Pen. If they can determine an amount it might open to regular harvest seasons. There was a barbed wire fence along part of the russian last year. Part of the same study I believe, maybe not the couple, but they end up with the hair from F&G I believe.

So all you baiters with browns hitting, get samples of hair off brush, barrels, or trees and submit it. Heck I will collect it and take it to them. I see them at the park on occasion. I just don't know the suite number they work in, just it is the newer building you can see from University lake on the West end.