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Thread: saltry cove the place to be last week in july?

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    Default saltry cove the place to be last week in july?

    thinking about make a quick run back to saltry cove for a week of camping and fishing the last week in july i here the reds are at there best what do you guys think?

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    Default Saltery satisfacton...

    That's a pretty good estimate of peak run timing for reds. Yeah, I know things fluxuate from time to time, but I think you're in a good margin of catch scheduling.

    ADF&G doubled the slot limit a year or so back and it was keep 12 and that's a lot of sockeye.

    Though I'm not local, I have been on the mid to the end of July ATV run to Saltery for over six seasons since 2002. It always has been worth my time.

    Be bear aware as you camp around there. Lots of fish and plenty of carcasses means be attentive...

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