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Thread: Sportsman 6x6 Tracks - Next Question

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    Default Sportsman 6x6 Tracks - Next Question

    Trying to decide between the Sportsman 6x6 or the Ranger 6x6, but definately want to be able to install the rear tracks. Having no luck getting information from the dealer about the rear tracks that Pure Polaris has ($1300US for the pair). "Don't know anything about them, but we can order them for you, if you want." Big help.
    Do any of the members use these tracks?
    Which machine do you use them on, Sportsman or Ranger?
    How do you install them?
    How do you adjust them?
    How much do they weigh?
    Do you need wheel spacers, if so, how wide?
    Do you really have to have the Goodyear tires, or will they work with other brands of tires?
    The wheel guides look a bit flimsy and widely spaced in the catalog photo. Do the tires tend to walk out of the tracks when turning on a hill?
    What else do I need to know...problems, praises, etc?
    Sorry for all the questions, but due to the cost, would like to know more first.

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    Default 6x6

    I've got the Sportsman 6x6 and have several friends with them as well. A couple of friends put the tracks on and ran them for a short time then took them off. They said they were overkill and only had come across a few situations where the tracks were the ticket.

    From what I have heard.... They make already hard turning really difficult in certain conditions. 2" spacers are required (at over $100 a pair) which in turn can destroy the aluminum hubs. Guys have recommended buying the steel hubs when you buy the tracks to save the headache. I haven't heard much problem with throwing the tracks. Adjustment is basically tire pressure. Drop the tire pressure to install them, then pump the tires back up to tighten. I haven't heard of anyone using them with aftermarket tires. I have some aggressive mud tread tires on mine and I'd bet they wouldn't work with the guides.

    What kind of terrain are you running that you would need the tracks? My recommendation would be to save the $1300 (lousy price by the way...about $1,000 up here) and spend about $500 on some good aftermarket tires. I went 1" wider on the rear and 2" wider on the front. The extra width combined with the aggressive tread made a HUGE difference. My next $$ will be spent on a good clutch kit for some better low end snort.

    Anyway, thats my $.02 Let us know what you end up with!

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    The tracks for the Sportsman 6x6 are great if you are in the swamps all the time. As mentioned above, they don't turn very good with tracks and the splines on the aluminum rear hubs wear out if driven on hard surfaces a lot. The upgraded steel hubs are $90 apiece! The track kit will come with the spacers, longer bolts, and everything you need to install the tracks.

    After taking my Ranger places it shouldn't be, I will never have a need for a 4 wheeler again. The ONLY time I am held up in the Ranger is if the trail is too narrow for me to squeeze thru. Very rare for that to happen since it is only 12 inches wider than a wheeler. I have 4 ITP 589's for rear tires and Mudlites on the front (all 26" tall) and only get stuck if I high center. This would happen with the Sportsman 6x6 also. I could go on and on with what I've put it thru, but perhaps another time. Feel free to pm me.

    Akmud is right on about the Sportsman 6x6 and good tires. Much cheaper than the tracks and it will get you all kinds of places. Nowadays the group I hunt/ride with most of the time consists of 3 Sportsman 6x6's and two Ranger 6x6's. The great thing is we don't have to pull any trailers with all the on board cargo capacity! Good luck with your decision!

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    Smile 6x6 tracks

    I have a sportsman 6x6 with tracks.I leave them on year around cause there a pain too put on.The best way I have found to put them on is to remove the valve steam deflate the tires and put the steam back in.

    Adjustment is though the chains. and tire pressure. The tracks are about 60lbs each. The track kit comes with the spacers and longer studs.If money is not a issue and you are going to just us the tracks in the snow has a track kit for all six wheels for the sportsman.

    The polaris tracks really bind the 6x6 down and its easy to break things like hubs,chains,etc.they work well in snow and mud cause it lets them slip.
    If had to get a new ride it would be the ranger 6x6 or 4x4 ranger with tracks.
    The maint. is a lot on the sportsman and it has not had anything done
    to it from the factory for years now. happy trails

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    I think I saw some used 6x6 tracks at Alaska Fun Center here in Fairbanks. Might be able to save yourself some dough. Give em a call.


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