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Thread: Sportsman 6x6 Tracks

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    Default Sportsman 6x6 Tracks

    Can anyone educate me as to the drive line mechanics of the Sportsman 6x6 or Big Boss 6x6? Polaris makes rear tracks for these machines but sez they are not for use on the Ranger 6x6. What is it about the Sportsman and Big Boss that accomodates these tracks that is different from the Ranger? I know that on the Ranger 6x6 both rear axles and all four rear wheels are geared together and drive as one unit. How is the Sportsman different? Does it drive only through one axle with the other one being just a coaster, or something else? I guess that I could find a shop service manual and figure it out, but hope that someone in the forum might know. Thanks for any technical information.

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    Default wheelbase?

    I would bet it is the difference in the rear wheelbase. The rear axles of the Ranger may be spaced further apart (or closer) than the axles of the Sportsman. The tracks that I have seen have been molded with no breaks so the only tension adjustment is with tire pressure/diameter.

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    The Ranger has a different suspension than the Sportsman 6x6. The distance between the rear tires on the Sportman 6x6 never changes as they are solid axles and link together with a solid swingarm. I believe Polaris doesn't want them on the Ranger because the middle tires are on a-arms and the rear is a swingarm. This will create slightly different tire spacing depending upon where each axle is at in it's suspension stroke. The aftermarket has tracks for the Ranger 6x6 rear tires, but I haven't seen them in person. The Ranger 6x6 is a totally different rig with a good set of tires on it.


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